Booking an Existing Patient Appointment

Brief Overview

Creating an appointment for an existing patient when the time of appointment is known or when you want to book the next available time. 


The Short Version

  • Double click on a time slot or select the Add New Appointment icon
  • Search for existing patient using Name or Date of Birth 
  • Complete the details of the appointment
  • Use the Suggest feature to find next available appointment if required
  • Save appointment


There are two ways to add an existing patient in for an appointment within Clinic to Cloud.

Option 1 - Appointment time known

1. Double click the appointment time and date on the scheduler that you are wanting to take.



2. Complete all mandatory fields (mandatory will show with a red asterisk*) Complete other sections as applicable.
As you have clicked on the specific time and date those fields will fill in automatically, along with the Doctor and Location. 

3. Search the patient database by typing the patients name or date of birth (only in the format of DD/MM/YYYY) into the Patient field.


4. Once you are happy with the details completed click Save.


Option - Need to find the next available appointment
You are more likely to use this option if you do not know when the next available appointment is within the system and you are wanting the system to suggest the earliest option. 

1. Click the Add New appointment icon
You will find this icon in the top left of your scheduler page


2. Complete all of the mandatory fields (mandatory will show with a red *)
All of the fields below need to be completed for the system to be able to suggest correctly.


3. Once you have completed all of the above fields the Suggest button will highlight and you can click this.


4. The suggest options will pop up based on the appointment type and scheduler category. 


Period: 1 Month/3Month/12month Allows you to choose how far in the future you would like to see appointments for

Day of the Week: Allows you to select and deselect days you would like the system to show you

Time of Day: Allows you to select and deselect times you would like the system to show you

Locations: Allows you to select and deselect locations you would like the system to show you


5. If you would like to view the appointment in the scheduler you can click the date on the left and a new tab will open up in your web browser.


6. Once you are happy with your appointment time, click the Take It button. 
This will fill the time and date into your appointment page.


8. Once you are happy click Save.

This appointment will then show in the scheduler.

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