Non-Patient Appointments

Brief Overview

The Non-Patient Appointment feature is a useful tool for blocking out time in a doctor's schedule so that patient appointments cannot be booked in (for example, holidays, private appointments etc.).

The Short Version 

  • Open the appointment booking window
  • Select 'Without Patient' at the top if the window
  • Set the start and end times
  • Enter notes to briefly provide a reason for the schedule block out
  • Click Save


1. Either double-click in the doctor's schedule or click the 'Add New Appointment' button (see below)



2. In the Booking Window, select 'Without Patient' at the top of the window


3. Make sure the correct doctor's schedule is selected in the Doctor and Location fields, select the required Start and End date/times and, optionally, add Notes to give the appointment a title.


4. Click the Save button and the new appointment will be created with a title that matches the text in Notes and a No Entry sign to make it clear that no patient appointments can be booked at this time.



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