Managing the Waiting List

Your waiting list (cancellation list) is used to manage patients who would like to be notified when an appointment is cancelled and it becomes available.


You will find the waiting list in the top left hand side of your scheduler page 


You can add patients to the waiting list three different ways.

1. Click the plus sign on the scheduler and add the patient information 


2. Click the waiting list icon in on the scheduler and then click add new


3. Tick the add to waiting list tick box when adding a patient in for an appointment


If you click the waiting list it will show you all of the patients currently wanting to be contacted if an appointment frees up. The waiting list will also pop up on your screen if you cancel an appointment.

By clicking 'Appointment' the add appointment box will appear to make an appointment for this person 


Complete the details as normal in the appointment box - Once you click save, the patient will be removed off the waiting list. (Unless you tick 'Add to Waiting list' on this pop up) 

Click the edit pencil to edit the details of the waiting list item and add notes


Click the X to remove this person from the waiting list


 If you have contacted the person on the list and they do not take the suggested time you can mark them as contacted so you can record that you have tried to offer the appointment to them.




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