Creating Your Schedule

Go to Settings > Doctor Schedule

1. In the 'Doctor' field select the doctor’s name

2. Start with week 1 of the schedule- If this is not the current week then select the correct week on the calendar.

 mceclip1.png3. In the location field select the location(s) needed for the week of scheduling you are creating.

4. Starting on the first day of the schedule, go to the correct location and select '+Add' this will create a scheduling category.

a. To change the category name click on the word and select the correct category from the dropdown

b. Click on the start time and scroll to the correct start time

c. Click on the end time and scroll to the correct end time 

Complete this same process for each scheduling category for the rest of the week. Note the 'Copy' option can be used to copy a day of scheduling to other days.


 4. Once you have added all scheduling for that week select 'Save as Favourite'. This option is free text so you can name if favourite as required.

5. Then select the 'Apply' option (Check that the dates in the apply section are correct for week 1)



 6. This scheduling can then be repeated for the next year

 7. Select the 'Repeat' button - this will open a pop up


 a. In the 'From' field select the date of the first week that you are applying this schedule for

 b. In the 'Repeat the scheduler' you can choose how you want to repeat the scheduler.

 c. The 'Repeat every' field will depend on the specific schedule. If the doctor only has 1 week of scheduling you would leave this as 1, if the doctor has a 2 week rotating schedule you would change this to 2, if the doctor has a 4 week rotating schedule you would change this to 4 and so on.

 d. For the 'Repeat On' field select all days that you would like to repeat.

 e. For the 'End' field select when you would like to repeat the schedule until

 f. Click 'Apply' to apply this repeating schedule


  8. If the doctor has a rotating schedule with more than 1 week you then need to start with week 2 and follow steps 3-8 for that week but using week 2 details. This is then repeated for remaining weeks until all weeks of roster have been created and applied.

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