Customising Your Scheduler

Your Customer Success Advisor would have requested each doctor's scheduler/roster to replicate this in Clinic to Cloud. This will provide clear visibility throughout the practice when making appointments and checking availability. 

If you would like to make amendments to your existing scheduler, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Select Doctor Schedule in the Settings menu


  3. Select the Doctor
  4. Select the Locations (depending on the week)


  5. Click Add next to the Day and Location
  6. Click on the Scheduler Category to select the right category
    (Scheduler Categories must be added in Settings > Define your C2C > Scheduler Categories)
  7. Click on the Start and End time of the category
  8. Repeat Step 5-7 to complete one week of the doctor's schedule


  9. Click Repeat to ensure this week is ongoing accordingly
    (e.g. week 1 in a monthly rotation or week 1 in a fortnightly rotation)
  10. Click Apply to apply the repeat function for this week 

  11. Click Save as Favourite to save this week for this doctor
    (e.g name the favourite Dr. X - Week X)


  12. Ensure the Doctor and Date Range is selected 
  13. Select the correct favourite from Load from Favourite
  14. Click Apply


  15. Repeat the above steps to complete another week


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