Your Practice Middleware Setup

Setting up your Practice Middleware will enable you and your practice to scan and receive lab results. 

This article will explain 


 Download Practice Middleware

Once you have access to your practice with Clinic to Cloud, your Customer Success Advisor will arrange a time to set up your Practice Middleware on all applicable computing devices. 

Alternatively, your Practice Champion or your IT contact can set this up, by following the below instructions:




☁️ TIP: Name your Practice Middleware Name after the device you're using (e.g. Reception Desktop) to distinguish and manage multiple installed devices in Settings > Practice Middleware.



Link Lab Companies to Practice Middleware

To ensure your chosen lab companies are able to send results back to your practice through Clinic to Cloud successfully and securely, please contact your preferred lab companies to find out if they are able to link to Clinic to Cloud via Practice Middleware or Secure Messaging. 

Practice Middleware

Provide the lab companies with this document to learn more about how our Practice Middleware works.

Secure Messaging

If your lab company requires secure messaging to be able to send your practice lab results, please click here to learn how to register to the same secure messaging provider as your lab company. 

Your practice will now be able to request and receive lab results!

 Link Scanner to Practice Middleware

To set up for scanning, follow the below steps after your Practice Middleware has been set up:

1. Set up your scanner to drop the files (PDF) into C: Drive > C2C > Scanning


2. Copy and paste files directly into C: Drive > C2C > Scanning

3. These scans will then show in the Scanned Documents section on the left hand side of Clinic to Cloud.​

 Learn to Manage Practice Middleware

After you have installed and set up your Practice Middleware, please refer to the below article for further assistance if needed in future: 




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