Setting Up One-Click Printing

Brief Overview

Setting up your One-Click Printing will enable you and your practice to print straight from Clinic to Cloud.


Short Version

  • Download Printing Middleware through Clinic to Cloud.
  • Setup each print job per tray.
  • Configure favourites as required.


Once you have access to your practice with Clinic to Cloud, your Customer Success Advisor will call to set up your One-Click Printing on all relevant computing devices. 

However, if either you or your IT service provider would like to set this up, please select the suitable option below to download step by step instructions, or refer to below attachments: 

MAC Users: Printing Middleware

PC Users: Printing Middleware

Once One-Click Printing has been downloaded onto all relevant devices, please take the time to select the correct printer/printing tray for each printing option, in doing so, you will be able to print scripts and lab requests directly from Clinic to Cloud. You can do this by following the below instructions:

  1. Double click Printing Middleware icon in your system tray. 

  2. Select Setup for all relevant options, and choose the relevant tray and orientation for your printer. 

  3. Click Create New Favourite and Name the Favourite.Create_Favourite.png

  4. Repeat the above to add more Printing Favourites.


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