SMS Report

Brief Overview

The SMS report shows outbound and inbound SMS messages by date sent/received. You can open out each message to see the text that was sent and received. The report can be downloaded to excel for detailed searching of specific messages.

Note: This report is only available to users with Practice Admin access.


The Short Version

  • Go to Reports > SMS Report.
  • View messages sent and received by month.
  • Download Excel as required.



1. Go to Reports > SMS Report.


2. The report will show the SMS per month, open the month to see the individual messages which have been sent and received. You can then open each message to see the text that was sent or received. 


Note: If there are multiple pages, use the Items per page dropdown to increase the items on the page. 


3. Select Download Excel if you would like to export the report in xlsx. If you are looking for a specific patient or message, you can search this easily by downloading the report and doing this from the download. 



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