Setting Up SMS Reminders

Go to Settings > Notifications 


Select 'Add New SMS Notification'

1. You can name the SMS

2. You can select how many days before the appointment the SMS will go out in the 'Notify Before' field.

3. You can select what time the SMS goes out with the 'Time to Send' field. 

4. The 'Do Not Send if Confirmed' option can be selected so that if the patient appointment is already confirmed the SMS will not send out. 

5. You can define which locations and appointment types will receive the SMS

6. You can free text the SMS message and use the tags on the left hand side to pull the information into the message for you

   - The appointment SMS Verification tags can be used so that the patient can confirm and cancel the      appointment by SMS. 



7. Make sure the 'Is Active' option is selected to ensure the SMS will be sent. 


8. Select 'Create'

The current SMS notifications can be edited and deleted.






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