GST Items Report

Brief Overview

The GST Items report can be used to find all of the items that you have added to invoices which include GST using the invoice creation date. You can filter so that only those items which have been paid will show and can also filter by provider, location and date. The amount excluding GST, the GST only amount and the amount including GST will all show on this report. 

Note: This report is only available to users with Practice Admin access.


The Short Version

  • Go to Reports > General Reports
  • Select GST Items Report in the Report Type dropdown 
  • Filter the report as required
  • Save as Favourite (if you need to run this report again in the future)
  • Click Show
  • Download Excel as required



1. Go to Reports > General Reports.


2. Select GST Items Report in the Report Type dropdown.


3. Use the filters as required:

  • Doctor - You can select multiple providers from your list of users or leave blank to show all providers.
  • Location - Select locations from the dropdown or leave blank to show all locations. 
  • Finalised - Select this option to show only GST items which have been paid in full.
  • Date - You can select a specific set of dates or use the radio buttons to quickly select a set period. 

4. Once you have added all filters, if this is a report which you would like to run again in the future, click Save as Favourite.


Name the favourite and Save.


Next time you run this report you can select your Favourite and your filters will be automatically added. 


5. Click Show to run the report.

This report will show the following information using the date of invoice creation:

  • Provider
  • Patient (with link to the patient file)
  • Invoice (with link to the invoice)
  • Item Number
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Amount Excluding GST
  • GST
  • Amount Including GST
  • Status (Finalised means fully paid)


Note: If there are multiple pages, use the Items per page dropdown to increase the items on the page. 



6. Select Download to Excel if you would like to export the report in xlsx.


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