Scripts Report

Brief Overview

The Scripts report shows the details of prescribed medications including if the medication has been archived. The report can be downloaded to excel for detailed searching of specific prescriptions.

Note: This report is only available to users with Practice Admin access.


The Short Version

  • Go to Reports > Scripts
  • View details of prescriptions
  • Download Excel as required



1. Go to Reports > SMS Report.


2. The report will show:

  • Script Number
  • Issued at (Date issued)
  • Issued by (Provider that prescribed the medication)
  • Medications
  • Archived at (Date archived)
  • Archived by (Provider that archived the medication)
  • Archived reason (This is entered when archiving a medication)


Note: If there are multiple pages, use the Items per page dropdown to increase the items on the page. 


3. Select Download to Excel if you would like to export the report in xlsx. If you are looking for a specific prescription or to filter further, you can do this by downloading the report and completing this from the downloaded file. 



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