Prescribing Medications

You can only create a medication in a consult. This can be a normal consult or a quick consult. 


Normal Consult 

1. Double click on the patient appointment to start a consult. 

2. Go to 'Current Consult' tab of the consult


3. Go to the 'Current Medications' and select the plus sign.


4. If you are using MIMS you can search for the medication in the 'Medication' field of the pop up. 

If you are not using MIMS you can add your own medication by selecting the plus sign. 


5. Complete all fields for the medication. The plus sign on the 'Dose' and 'Frequency' fields can be used to add items into your dictionary for future use. 

6. Once you have added the details of the medication you get the option to Save, Save and Print and Save as Favourite


This adds the medication to the patient "Current Medications". You can then print the medication from this list and if you have not printed you can delete the medication.

Once printed you can not delete the medication.

Save and Print

If you have your printing middleware set up this will print to the selected printer.

* Please see Printing Middleware to set this up

Save as Favourite

Save a medication as favourite so that you can select it in the future to preload medication information.


Quick Consult

1. Click the 'Quick Consult' icon 

2. Select the patient name and the the consult will open in a new tab

3. Follow points 2-6 as above in Normal Consult


Once a medication is created it can be repeated or Delete from the Current Medications list by clicking the downward arrow. 



**Please note that the prescription paper that we support is PB229.





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