eTasks in Consults

To add a eTask to a patient file from the consult you need to go to the 'eTask' tab



To add an eTask

1. Select 'Add eTask'


2. In the 'To' field select the user you would like to send this eTask to from the list of users in your practice. 

To send the eTask to yourself, leave the 'To' field blank

2. If you need to CC any other users into the eTask select them the list of current users when you click the 'CC' field. 

3. The patient will be automatically populated into the 'Patient' field. This can be removed by selecting the cross next to the patient name. 

To add a different patient, start typing the patient name in the field and select from the drop down. 

4. Free type the 'Subject'

5. Free type the 'eTask'

6. Select the 'Due Date' for this eTask. When the eTask is due the user you have assigned the eTask to will be notified. 

7. Select the 'Urgent' check box if you would like this eTask to be highlighted to the user you are sending the eTask to. 

8. Select an 'Action' from the drop down. This shows the user you are sending the eTask towhat action you would like them to complete.

9. Select 'Attach File' to send through a file to the user you are sending the eTask to. They will then be able to view this file from the eTask. 

10. Select 'Create' and the eTask will be sent through to the user selected. 



To edit an eTask

The eTasks will show listed on the left hand side of the consult screen.

You can filter the eTasks to only view 'All', 'Open' or 'Completed'

To view the details click on the eTask in the list and the details of this eTask will show

You can complete the eTask from the list be selecting the check box 


If you hover over the eTask in the list you will see a pencil icon, click on this to go into the eTask:

1. To go to the patient demographic click on the patient name link

2. You can send a manual SMS to the patient by clicking the SMS icon

3. You can click on the 'Quick Consult' icon to add a clinical note as a 'Quick Consult'

4. You can send a 'Reply' to the eTask, to send the reply select 'Send'

5. To complete the eTask select 'Save and Complete'









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