eTasks in Consults

Brief Overview

eTasks are used to communicate with other staff members in the practice, or to send reminders to yourself of tasks that require actioning. eTasks can be used to send patient-related tasks which will be recorded in the patient's clinical and demographic record, or for non-patient related jobs. eTasks are separate to Internal Messages, which cannot be linked to a patient record. 

This article will cover how to create eTasks from the Clinical File by Doctor and Registrar users.


Short Version

  • Open the eTasks tab in the Clinical File
  • Review any open eTasks for the patient. 
  • If a new task is required, click Add eTask.
  • Complete the eTask information.
  • Click Create



Creating an eTask in a Consult

1. Open the eTasks tab while within a Current Consultation in the clinical record. 



2. Click Add eTask and complete the details. 

To Select the user the eTask should be addressed to. Leave blank to self-address.
CC Include any additional staff who should be notified about this task.
Patient Who the eTask relates to - pre-filled when creating a task from within a consult.
Subject The name of the eTask. Should be descriptive to assist with management. 
eTask The details of the eTask to be completed.
Due When the eTask is due. Forward dating eTasks allow you to set reminders.
Action What is required before the eTask can be completed/the desired outcome.




Note: Additional Actions can be added to the Action menu by a Practice Admin user from within Settings > Define your C2C > eTask Actions


3. Click Create to add this to the patient's clinical record, and send the information to your addressee.



4. You will then be able to see the eTask in the eTasks tab of the clinical record, and within the eTasks window accessible from the menu bar. 




Actioning an eTask within a Consult

1. Open the eTasks tab while within a Current Consultation in the clinical record. 



2. Review any open eTasks for the patient by highlighting an item to review the details.



3. Click the Pencil icon on an eTask to open it. 



4. You can see all of the actions taken against an eTask in the Task History section.



5. You may then either choose to send a reply back to the creator without completing the eTask, or you may create a note and then complete the eTask.

A) If you want to reply back to the creator and leave the eTask incomplete, type your response into the Reply field, select a due date and action if necessary, then click Send. 



B) If you have completed the required actions for the eTask, then you can make a note in the Reply field so that this will be saved as a part of the audit trail for the eTask in the patient's demographic and clinical record. You may then click Save & Complete



6. You may also complete an eTask by ticking the Complete box, but this will not give you the opportunity to write a note against the eTask before marking it as complete. 



7. eTasks can be accessed without being within a consultation using the eTask List icon available from the menubar in Clinic to Cloud. Further information regarding this window can be found within this article.




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