Completing a WorkCover Certificate of Capacity

Brief Overview

If a patient has injured themselves at work, then they may need to have an assessment completed by a medical provider, and a Certificate of Capacity presented to their employer. 

WorkCover Certificates of Capacity can be created and printed from the clinical window by Doctor and Registrar users.

Certificates of Capacity are available to be printed from Clinic to Cloud for QLD, NSW, VIC, & SA. 


Before you Begin:

  • You must first have Certificates of Capacity enabled in your Consult Settings before you may create a certificate.
  • A WorkCover claim will also need to have been created in the Patient Demographic window before you will be able to create a Certificate of Capacity


Short Version

  • Open the clinical window for the patient. 
  • Click the Plus button beside the WorkCover icon. 
  • Select the WorkCover claim number from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the appropriate Certificate of Capacity Form
  • Complete the fields of information.
  • Click Save & Print



1. Double click on the patient's appointment to open their clinical record.



2.  Click the Plus + icon beside the WorkCover icon. 



3. Select the relevant claim number from the WorkCover Claim drop-down menu.



4. Select the relevant certificate from the Certificate of Capacity Form drop-down menu. 



Note: Your Default Certificate of Capacity Form can be configured in your settings, so that you do not need to change this option each time you need to create a certificate. You can find this under the Personal Settings heading within Settings > My Settings, in the User Settings tab. 


5. Complete the certificate using the fields that are provided. 



6. Click Save & Print



7. Previous certificates can be viewed from within the clinical record and the demographic window.

A) In the clinical record, click on the WorkCover icon to be directed to the Patient Demographic window, where you can view the list of saved certificates. 



B) In the WorkCover tab of the Patient Demographic window, click the Page icon to open a certificate. 




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