Adding Checklists to a Consult

Brief Overview

Clinical Checklists can be added to a consult, so that a Doctor User may quickly and easily ask a series of questions, and record their answers. Clinical Checklists are particularly helpful if you find there are certain questions you must ask of a patient when diagnosing a particular illness or when within a consult.

You can find instructions on how to create a Clinical Checklist within this article.


Short Version

  • Open a consult for a patient.
  • Open the Checklist tab. 
  • Choose a Checklist from the Select Checklist field. 
  • Click Add Checklist.
  • Complete the answers.
  • Finish the consult. 



1. Double click on the patient's appointment. 



2. Open the Checklist tab. 



3. Choose the checklist from the Select Checklist drop-down menu.



4. Click Add Checklist to populate the questions. 



5. Complete the answers to the checklist. 


A) The Printer icon allows you to print a copy of the checklist.

B) The Delete icon can be used to remove the checklist if it were added by mistake.

C) Click Add Checklist Item to add another question on the fly if you would like. 


6. Finalise the consultation. Once this is complete, the checklist will be visible in the Clinical Journey, as part of the consult notes for the day. 




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