Uploading a Shared Event Summary

Brief Overview

A Shared Event Summary is a summary of all consults for the patient. We can upload the following items to MHR as a Shared Event Summary:

Note: The Shared Event Summary can contain all or any of the above items. Uploading to MHR is only available for Doctor users. 


The Short Version

  • Double click a patient appointment to open a clinical consult.
  • Click on the MHR icon
  • Select Upload Records tab
  • Select Shared Health Summary
  • Select items to be uploaded
  • Click Upload to My Health Record



1. Open a consult by double-clicking on a patient's appointment in the Scheduler. If you would like to add a note to a patient who does not have an appointment, use the Quick Consult.



2. You will need to add one or more of the below items during this consult before continuing:

3. Open the patient's MHR by clicking on the icon, if the patient has MHR and it is active, it will open. 



4. Select the Upload Records tab.


5. Select Shared Health Summary.



6. Select and deselect the items that you would like to upload using the tick icons. Items that have not been uploaded previously will be selected by default. 


Note: You can see what has previously been uploaded using the Uploaded column. 


6. Make sure that the patient consent toggle is selected. If the patient has not consented to upload the summary turn this toggle off and the record will not be uploaded. 


7. Click Next.


8. This will create a document of the Event Summary, click Upload to My Health Record.


Note: This document will be queued for sending, the status shows as Submitting, refresh the screen to see Uploaded Status - this usually takes less than 15 seconds.


If you need to go back to the consult at any point click Go Back to Consult.




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