Adding & Managing Immunisation Records

Brief Overview

Immunisation Records are created when a vaccine is administered to a patient, and allow you to record the information about the vaccine such as the brand, batch number, site, and billing information.

Before you can use this functionality, you will need to enable Immunisation Records in your provider settings. The instructions for this can be found within this article.


Short Version

  • Open the Immunisation tab within a patient's clinical record. 
  • Click Add Immunisation Record
  • Fill in the immunisation information.
  • Click Create.
  • Click Finish Consult once all consultation information is complete.



1. Open the Immunisation tab within a patient's clinical record.



2. Click Add Immunisation Record.



3. Complete the immunisation information using the fields provided. 


Note: If the immunisation was administered at a different clinic but you wanted to track this within the patient's clinical record, you can change the Immunised radio button from Here to Elsewhere, which will reduce the fields of information required to add the record. 


4. Click Create.  



5. The immunisation will then be added to the patient's clinical record. Use the Arrow icon to expand the details of the record.



6. You can use the Edit icon beside an Immunisation Record to adjust the details. 



7. Use the Delete icon to remove an Immunisation Record if required. 



8. Add any other information for the consultation, and then click on Finish Consult




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