Recording Consult Notes

Consult notes are added under 'Current Consult'



If you would like to configure your consult:

How to Configure your Consult Settings


You can tag the consult in the 'Current Consult'. This will then show in the Clinical Journey:


How to Manage the Clinical Journey


To add notes

Notes can be free typed into each section of the current consult

Using the dictionary to add notes:

1. To add notes to your dictionary select the plus sign


2. Select 'Add Item'


3. Free type the text and select the tick

4. Once the item is added, when you type into the text box you will be able to select the text and this will load into the text box. 

You can add items to all 4 options in the current consult.


If you are using Voice Recognition you can dictate into these options. 


History Notes

You can also add history notes on the right hand side of the 'Current Consult'

  • Notes are added using free text 
  • If you are using Voice Recognition you can dictate into 'Background Information' and 'Previous Issues/Procedures'
  • Any notes added here will be available for every consult for this patient
  • Allergies can be entered manually or if you have MIMS you can select allergies from the MIMS database
  • To add 'Ethnicity' use the tick boxes
  • To add 'Health Status' select the pencil icon and enter the health details




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