Return to Work SA Report

Brief Overview

The Return to Work SA report creates an excel download which can be provided to Return to Work SA rather than sending individual invoices. This reduces admin time spent printing/emailing individual invoices. If unsure, confirm with Return to Work SA that you are able to provide them with the information in this format.

Note: This report is only available to users with Practice Admin access.


The Short Version

  • Go to Reports > General Reports
  • Select Return to Work SA in the Report Type dropdown 
  • Filter the report as required
  • Download Excel (This is then provided to Return to Work SA)



1. Go to Reports > General Reports.


2. Select Return to Work SA in the Report Type dropdown.


3. Use the filters as required:

  • Doctor - You can select multiple providers from your list or leave blank to show all providers.
  • Location - Select locations from the dropdown or leave blank to show all locations. 
  • Insurance Company - Start typing a company and select, there must be a company added for the report to be downloaded. 
  • From Date - You can select a specific set of dates or use the radio buttons to quickly select a set period. 

4. Click Download Excel. The report is downloaded in a format suitable for sending to Return to Work SA for paying outstanding invoices. 

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