Adding and Editing Workcover Claims

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You must add a WorkCover Claim to a patient before you will be able to print a Certificate of Capacity, or invoice WorkCover on a patient's behalf. WorkCover claims are added through the Patient's Demographic Window. 


Short Version

  • Open the WorkCover tab of a patient's Demographic Window
  • Click Edit.
  • Click Add Workcover Claim.
  • Fill in the necessary fields.
  • The doctor may then create a Certificate of Capacity from within the clinical window, and the patient may have an invoice created for WorkCover



1. Open the Patients menu. 



2. Search for and select the patient. 



3. Click Edit



4. Enter the WorkCover tab. 



5. Click on Add WorkCover Claim



6. Complete as many of the claim details as you would like. You must enter at least a Claim ID and an Insurance Company Name before you will be able to proceed.



A) If you need to add a new company, you can do so by using the Add Company icon beside the Company Name fields. For further information on adding companies, read this article.

B) The more information entered, the more information that will print on the invoice and Certificate of Capacity


7. Click Create



8. Claims can then be closed using the Close Claim button, adjusted using the Edit icon, or deleted using the Trashcan icon beside a claim. Once a claim has been closed, you will no longer be able to create invoices or certificates in relation to this claim. 



9. Once a Certificate of Capacity has been added by a provider through the clinical window, you can view and print this information from within the Demographic Window.



10. Once the WorkCover claim is added in the demographic window, you will then be able to invoice WorkCover on the patient's behalf. 


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