Exporting Patient Data

Brief Overview

If you would like to export your patient data from Clinic to Cloud, you can use the Export tool. This will create an Excel Spreadsheet (XML) file of your data. The following information can be exported.

Users Contacts Patients Account Holders Referrals
Appointment Types Appointments Consults Allergies Measurements
Tasks Checklists Letters Laboratory Results Attachments
Documents Referral Files Op Reports Emergency Op Reports Checklist Templates
Companies Scripts Recalls O&G History Record O&G Records
O&G Antenatal Visits Interested Parties Locations    


Short Version

  • Open Settings > Export.
  • Click New Export Task.
  • Select the items you would like to export.
  • Click Request.
  • Download the file when generated.
  • Extract the data from the downloaded zip file.
  • Open in Excel to view the data.



1. Go to Settings > Export.



2. Click new export task.



3. Select what you need to export, or click Select All, then click Request.



4. Your data may take some time to generate, depending on how many items are to be exported. When generated, click the export data link that is generated and it will download the zip file. 



5. Open the zip file and drag the file to the desktop.



6. Open a new Excel spreadsheet, then go to File > Open > and browse to the xml file that you moved to the desktop.



7. Select to open as an XML table and click OK.



8. Click OK.



9. The data will then be displayed.


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