Merging Duplicate Patients

Brief Overview

If you have two patient records for the same patient, you can merge the two records together, so that all clinical information is controlled within one clinical file.




Short Version

  • Open Settings > Merge Patients.
  • Select Merge beside any detected duplicates, or search for two records to merge. 
  • Select the demographic fields you would like to keep, if there are differences between records.
  • Select Merge.
  • The records will then be combined.



1. Go to Settings > Merge Patients


2. There will be a list of duplicate patient files showing. To merge these files select the merge icon.

3. This will open a pop up which will show you any differences between the duplicate files. You can select which parts of the file you would like to keep by selecting the radio button beside the information you'd like to retain. 


4. You can also select each patient manually that you would like to merge.

Note: If you receive an error when trying to merge patients, please ensure the patients don't have an account holder on their file.


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