Editing Provider User Settings

Brief Overview

The User Settings tab of a provider's Settings contains fields to record personal information such as the user's contact, prescriber, and specialty information. It is important that this information is configured before a provider starts with the practice to ensure that they do not experience any issues with billing. 


Short Version

  • If logged in as the provider, open Settings > My Settings.
  • If logged in as Practice Admin, open Settings > Users, click Edit beside the provider and Update & Configure
  • Open the User Settings tab.
  • Enter the information required.
  • Click Save



1. If you are logged in as the provider, open Settings > My Settings. Skip to step 5.

2. If you are logged in as a Practice Admin user, open Settings > Users



3. Click the Edit icon beside the provider.



4. Click Update & Configure



5. Open the User Settings tab. 



6. Enter the provider's information into the fields provided.


7. Click Save in each section after entering information.


Use Clinical Journey List View as Default tab for consult Determines whether the Clinical Journey or Current Consult tab is opened first when opening a patient's clinical record. 
Signed not Sighted Letters Ticking this option allows a provider to mark a letter as "Signed not Sighted" when sending a letter, to indicate that the letter was not re-read by the provider before sending.
Send Secure Messages Automatically After Signing the Letter This option enables a letter to send as soon as it is signed by the provider. This can result in faster communication between practices. 
Allow Other Doctors to Accept My laboratory Results This setting allows other doctors to accept results on your behalf so they can be linked to patients. This can helpful for provider who are going on leave and will still receive results in this time. 


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