Organising Your MIMS Subscription

Brief Overview

MIMS provides comprehensive and trusted medicines information in a wide variety of formats that enable the busy healthcare professional to access the right information at the right time and in the most appropriate way.

To organise an integrated MIMS subscription for use within Clinic to Cloud, please ensure that you are logged in as a Practice Admin user.

Note: MIMS have a separate subscription cost to Clinic to Cloud to access their medication database. 


Short Version

  • Open Settings > MIMS.
  • Click New Subscription Requests.
  • Fill in the required fields in the window and click Send
  • Once approved by MIMS, toggle on the MIMS Module.
  • You may now prescribe using MIMS by searching by brand name when adding a prescription.



  1. Open Settings > MIMS

  2. Click New Subscription Requests

  3. Fill in your provider details using the fields provided and click Send.
    • Select the provider from the Doctors drop-down window.
    • The First Name and Last Name fields should be used for the best contact to discuss the MIMS subscription with MIMS. This can be yourself, or another member of the practice. The representative will require access to your payment details for the subscription. 
    • The Mobile PhoneWork Phone, and Email should be used for your chosen representative's contact details. 

  4. An automated email will then be sent to both the provider, and MIMS requesting the subscription. MIMS will then be in contact with the chosen representative to discuss payment of the annual subscription.

  5. Once the annual payment has been made and then processed by MIMS, the Settings > MIMS window will show the Status of the subscription as Approved, and the date that the subscription is valid until. You can use the View (Eye) icon to review the details of the subscription.

  6. Toggle the MIMS Module option to Turn On.
  7. The provider may then use the search function in the prescribing window to search for prescriptions via brand name using the MIMS database. Further instructions on this process are found within this article.


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