Organising Your MIMS Subscription

MIMS provides comprehensive and trusted medicines information in a wide variety of formats that enable the busy healthcare professional to access the right information at the right time and in the most appropriate way.

To organise an integrated MIMS subscription for use within Clinic to Cloud please follow these steps.


1) Click Settings > MIMS


2) Upon entering the MIMS tab you will notice a list of existing requests now display
per provider (if any).

3) To request a new subscription, Click ‘New Subscription Requests’.


4) Type the required details into the relevant sections.

  • Names of the providers who are requesting a MIMS subscription. (Multiple providers can be added here)
  • Type in the name of the person organising the subscription. (used to contact the correct person in the practice)
  • Type in the best contact method of the person organising the subscription (used to contact the correct person in the practice).

5) Click ‘Send’. This will generate an automatic email to both MIMS and the email address of the user requesting the MIMS subscription.

6) Once they have been sent, the requests will display in a list within Clinic to Cloud, each unique Doctor will have a unique request in the list. This will also have generated unique emails to the above contacts individually.

7) MIMS will get in touch with the listed contact, and approve the MIMS once the subscription has been finalised.

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