Configuring Lab Request Forms

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This article explains how you may control which lab request forms you can use within Clinic to Cloud for printing your pathology and imaging requests. Most forms have already been created for you, and are ready for selection. You can choose your favourite lab request forms, or you may choose to enable all forms. A default form may also be chosen which will control which form will be selected when you first open the request window. 


Short Version

  • If logged in as a doctor user, open Settings > My Settings.
  • If logged in as a practice admin user, open Settings > Users >Edit beside the provider, then click Update & Configure.
  • Open the Lab Request Forms tab.
  • Tick the left-hand box beside the forms you would like to use, or click Check All to enable all forms.
  • Set your default form by selecting Is Default beside your most common form.
  • Complete this for both the Imaging and Pathology tabs as required.



  1. If logged in as a doctor user open Settings > My Settings.

  2. If logged in as a practice admin, open Settings > Users and click the Edit button beside the provider's user. 


  3. Open the Lab Results tab.

  4. If you would like to customise your imaging request forms, select the Imaging radio button. If you would like to customise your pathology request forms, select the Pathology radio button.

  5. Tick the box under the Check All heading beside the forms you would like to enable.

    Note: If you would like to enable all of the forms, you can click the Check All button. 

  6. If you would like to set a default form to be selected when creating a request, select the Is Default option beside the desired form.


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