Updating Provider Number Settings

Brief Overview

All provider numbers for a user are recorded in the Provider Number tab of their settings. Follow the instructions within this guide to record the user's provider numbers against each location in Clinic to Cloud


Short Version

  • If logged in as the provider, open Settings > My Settings.
  • If logged in as Practice Admin, open Settings > Users, click Edit beside the provider and Update & Configure.
  • Open the Provider Numbers tab.
  • Enter the information required.
  • Click Save.



1. If you are logged in as the provider, open Settings > My Settings. Skip to step 5.

2. If you are logged in as a Practice Admin user, open Settings > Users



3. Click the Edit icon beside the provider.



4. Click Update & Configure



5. Open the Provider Number tab. 



6. Click the Edit icon beside the location you wish to edit. 

Note: If there is a location missing from this window, then it may need to be added to the Locations list by a Practice Admin user. Instructions for this can be found here.



7. Enter the location information.

Note: If you have entered Bank Details for a location, and would like these to print rather than the practice bank account, or information entered into your Account Details tab, then you will need to ensure that the Show my location specific details on remittance advice option is enabled in your Account Details tab. More information on this setting can be found here



8. Click on Update to save the information. 


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