Configuring Provider Account Details

Brief Overview

The Account Details tab of a provider's settings is used to hold the provider's banking details (if different to the account set up in Practice Details), and can be used to change the user's email and password.


Short Version

  • If logged in as the provider, open Settings > My Settings.
  • If logged in as Practice Admin, open Settings > Users, click Edit beside the provider and Update & Configure.
  • Open the Account Details tab.
  • Enter the information required.
  • Click Save.



1. If you are logged in as the provider, open Settings > My Settings. Skip to step 5.

2. If you are logged in as a Practice Admin user, open Settings > Users



3. Click the Edit icon beside the provider.



4. Click Update & Configure



5. Enter the Account Details tab. This tab should open by default.




This setting allows the user to change the email that is used for logging into Clinic to Cloud. To change the email, simply type the address into the New E-Mail field and click Save Email




If the user needs to change their password and are able to log into the practice, they may change their password from within this area. Simply type the current password into the Current Password field, and then type the desired password into the New Password and Confirm Password fields before clicking Save Password



One-Time Password

This option will only be needed if you have a user in multiple Clinic to Cloud practices, and need to configure Practice Middleware for the importation of scans and results. 

For more information on Practice Middleware, please click the link below corresponding to your operating system:





My Bank Details

If the provider will be using their own bank account for direct transfers rather than the practice bank account, then you may record their banking information here.

Show my details on remittance advice This option should be enabled if you would like these bank details to be printed at the bottom of an invoice.
Show my location specific details on remittance advice Allows you to show a different bank account per location. You will need to have added all bank account details against the respective locations in the Provider Number tab of the provider's settings. More information here.



Logout From All Devices Except Current

If you have logged into Clinic to Cloud and think you may be logged in on another device, you can use the Logout All option to log yourself out from all locations except your current location. Clinic to Cloud uses a timeout function, that will automatically disconnect you after 30 minutes of inactivity. This option is only needed if that timeout is failing. 




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