Patient Portal Guide for Admin

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This article explains how administrative staff will manage the practice workflow for the Patient Portal. This includes:


The Short Version

  • Invite a new patient to the Patient Portal from the Appointment Booking screen.
  • Send a Patient Portal invitation to an existing patient from the Patient Demographic window.
  • Information entered by a patient in the Patient Demographic screen is automatically imported into Clinic to Cloud
  • Review and attach patient uploaded documents from the Review Scans window.



Inviting a New Patient to the Patient Portal

  1. Open the Appointment Booking window.

  2. Click the + icon to add a new patient.

  3. Enter the patient's details into the new window. 

  4. Toggle on the Send Patient Portal Access via SMS or Email option. 

    A) If access to the Patient Portal should be given to a parent or carer, toggle on the Give Patient Portal access to someone other than the patient option. 

    B) Add the carer or parent's information into the fields provided.

  5. Click Save.

    Note: Once you click Save, the patient will automatically receive a login link to their Mobile and/or Email and will be able to login to the Patient Portal.

  6. Finish completing the appointment details and click Save again.

For more detailed information on the invitation process, you can review this article. 


Invite an Existing Patient to the Patient Portal

  1. Open the Patient's Demographic window from the Patients list by clicking on the patient's name.

  2. Toggle on the Send Patient Portal Access via SMS or Email option.

  3. Fill in the patient, carer, or parent's details into the fields provided, and click Create

  4. The account will then be created and displayed below the email address.

  5. Click Save.

  6. The patient will be automatically emailed an invitation link for the portal. If you have also captured their mobile number, the patient will also receive an SMS advising them to check their email.

For more detailed information on the invitation process, you can review this article.  


Patient Entered Demographic Information

New patients that are invited to register for the Patient Portal will need to accept the terms and conditions of the practice and of Clinic to Cloud, and then they will be able to fill in their demographic information before they arrive at the practice. 




Once the patient has completed their demographic information in the portal, this information will be automatically imported into the patient's demographic window.

Note:  If the patient needs to update their details after completing this step, they will need to contact the practice.  


Review & Attach Patient Uploaded Documents

  1. Open Scanned Documents > Review Scans. 

  2. The File Name, Patient Name, and Description fields should all automatically fill with the information the patient entered on the portal.
    • If you need to, you can overwrite the information entered by the patient by typing over the top or clearing the field.

  3. Change the Document Type to match the file received from the file (ie Referral, Pathology Result etc).
    • If you select Referral, type the referring doctor's name into the field below to search, or use the icon to create a new Contact record if they do not yet exist.

  4. Click the Link button to attach the file to the patient record. 

Notes: For more detailed information on linking scans, please see this article


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