Managing Patient Portal Access

Brief Overview

The Patient Portal Access is a new feature in Clinic to Cloud to manage access to the Patient Portal.  It is located within the patient's demographics screen and can be updated by entering edit mode of the patient demographics.  


Important:  The email and mobile in the patient demographics does not control access to the Patient Portal.  You must use the Patient Portal Access pop up menu to set these details.  



  • Only one email can be used to give access to a patient's record in the Patient Portal.  
    • However, this email can be used across multiple patient records.  
  • The email can be for the patient or another nominated person to access the Patient Portal.  


The Short Version

  • Search for your patient > open the demographics screen > click Edit
  • Select Edit Patient Portal Access.
  • To see and update the details, make the changes in the Patient Portal Access window > click Update > click Save.  
  • To remove access, click the Trashcan icon > click Remove > click Save



1.  To see who currently has access to the Patient Portal for this patient.  

a.  Locate your patient by searching from the left menu or open the patient record from the Scheduler by double clicking.  


b.  Click Edit on the Patient Demographics screen.  


c.  Click Edit Patient Portal Access.  


d.  This shows you the current person who has access to the patient's portal.  


For more details on inviting patients to the Patient Portal, see this article:  Inviting a Patient to the Patient Portal.  


2.  To change the details to access the Patient Portal for this patient.  

a.  Toggle 'Send Patient Portal Access via email' if you need to send a new invitation (eg. if you are updating the email address).  


b.  Click Edit Patient Portal Access.  


c.  Update the required information and click Update.  


d.  To finalise the changes, click Save.  



Note:  If you required a new email to be sent, this will not happen until you click Save on the Patient Demographics.  


3.  To remove access to the Patient Portal. 

a.  Click the Trashcan icon next to Edit Patient Portal Access


b.  Review the warning message, click Remove to continue or Cancel to leave.


c.  To finalise the changes, click Save.



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