Configuring a Doctor's Settings for the Patient Portal

Brief Overview

Learn how to configure a provider's profile image, fees, and specialty for patients to view within the Patient Portal. This forms part of the setup steps required to complete your Patient Portal configuration. We would recommend completing these steps after completing your Patient Portal customisation, which can be found here

Short Version

  • Upload an image of the provider within Settings > Users > Edit.
  • Configure the doctor's Patient Portal Fees for display in the portal within their User Settings > Fee Settings.
  • Set the doctor's preferred Provider Specialty within the provider's User Settings.
  • Link the doctor to a Stripe account in their User Settings > Account Settings (if applicable).



Upload an Image

If an image of the provider has been uploaded to their User Settings, patients will be able to see this image within the portal when viewing and booking appointments through the Patient Portal

  1. Click on Settings Users.

  2. Click the pencil icon beside the provider's name. 

  3. Click Add Picture.

  4. Click Browse and navigate to the location of the image you wish to use on your computer.

  5. Select the image on your computer.

  6. Click Upload in Clinic to Cloud.

  7. Select Update.

  8. The provider's image will now be displayed for appointments within the Patient Portal

Set the Title or Specialty

The Provider Specialty field controls the specialty displayed to patients within the Patient Portal when viewing or booking appointments. You may wish to simplify this title for easier patient understanding. To input this information, please follow the steps below:  

  1. Click on Settings Users.

  2. Click the pencil icon beside the provider's name.

  3. Click on Update & Configure. 

  4. Select the User Settings tab.

  5. Enter your provider's title into the Provider Specialty field. 

  6. The new title will now be displayed to patients viewing and booking appointments in the Patient Portal.


Configure Patient Portal Fees for Display in the Portal

The Patient Portal Fees tab will determine the fees that are displayed to the patient when they are booking an appointment.

If you are still within the provider's User Settings from configuring the provider's Provider Specialty, please skip to step 4 below:

  1. Click on Settings Users.

  2. Click the pencil icon beside the provider's name.

  3. Click on Update & Configure.

  4. Enter the Fee Settings > Patient Portal Fees tab.

  5. Click the Update button beside an Appointment Type Name you wish to add a fee for.
    Note: If you need to add a new appointment type this can be done in Settings > Define your C2C. Instructions are available for adding appointment types within this article. 

  6. Select the charge type from the Appointment Cost dropdown menu.
    • Free of Charge indicates there is no charge for the patient.
    • Charge indicates there is an out of pocket cost for the patient.
    • Bulk Bill indicates that the patient will be charged no out of pocket, and the claim will be sent to Medicare for payment. 
    • Don't Show Charge indicates that the patient will not see any cost for this appointment.


  7. Enter the Consult Cost and After claiming cost (if applicable).

  8. Enter a disclaimer for the cost (if applicable).

  9. Click Update.

  10. Your fees for this item will now be displayed in the Patient Portal for patients to review when booking or viewing an appointment. 

Note: You may only upload one Appointment Cost per Appointment Type, so we would recommend choosing your most frequent charge and entering a disclaimer to indicate that this may vary depending on the patient. If you have not entered a fee for an Appointment Type, then no cost will be displayed by default against the appointment in the Patient Portal


Link a Stripe Account (COMING SOON)!

If you would like to integrate with the Clinic to Cloud Online Payment system, you will need to create a Stripe account, and link this within the doctor's User Settings. Please visit this guide for more instruction on enabling Online Payments


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