Linking Scanned Documents

1. Go to the 'Scanned Documents' tab on the left side of the scheduler and select 'Review Scans'.

2. Select the document by clicking on it 

3. You then have the option of:

   a. Changing the name of the document

   b. Changing the date of the document

   c. Selecting the patient who you will link this document to. If the patient is not added to the system yet,    select the plus sign to add in the patient.

   d. Select what type of document this is

   e. Add a description

4. Select 'Link' to add the document to the patient file 


If the patient has scanned the referral through from the Patient Portal:

1. Click on the document

2. This will preload the patient name and select the document type as referral

3. If the patient does not have a referral added this can be added by clicking the plus sign

4. Click 'Link' to add the referral to the patient file. 











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