Linking Scanned Documents

Brief Overview

Documents that have been scanned are imported into Clinic to Cloud using bridging software called Practice Middleware. Once they have been imported, documents will be found in the Scans to Review area, to be linked to patient files.  

The following file types can be attached using this method:

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TXT

If you have not yet installed and configured Practice Middleware, please use the link relevant to your operating system below to find the instructions to install the software before beginning this guide:




Short Version

  • Open Scanned Documents > Review Scans.
  • Select the scan and adjust the scan information.
  • Click Link and select the correct patient. 
  • The file will then be saved in the patient's record. 
  • Use the Delete Scan button to remove any incorrectly uploaded documents.



1. Open Scanned Documents > Review Scans



2. Click on a document in the list to preview the file information, and the document itself. 


Note: If an incorrect file appears here, you can highlight the file and click on Delete Scan to remove this from the Review Scans list. 


3. Change the file details as required:

A File Name The name to be used in the patient's Clinical Journey.
B File Date The scan or file date you would like shown on the document. 
C Patient Details Search for a patient or use the Plus + icon to add a new patient.
D Document Type How the document will be categorised in the clinical record.
E Description Used to record additional information about the file if desired.



The following Document Types are available to select from:

Referral Quick Consult Note G&F Consult Note
Consult Note eTask Pathology Result
Letter Vitals Entry Pathology Request
Script Certificate of Capacity Imaging Result
Operation Report Checklist Imaging Request
Risk Assessment O&G Consult Note Fee Estimate


Note: If an appropriate Document Type cannot be selected, you may choose Document to add the file to the patient's record without a category. 


4. If you have selected the Document Type Referral, then you will be asked for some further information:

A) If the referral already exists in Clinic to Cloud, and you are just attaching the referral file, select the relevant referral from the new Referrer drop-down menu.



B) If this is a new referral, click the Plus+ icon beside the Referrer field to add a new referral for the patient.



C) Complete the details of the referral using the fields provided and click Create.



  • If you leave the Start Date blank, this will be automatically calculated based on the patient's next appointment with this referral linked.
  • If you need additional instructions on creating referrals, please follow this guide.


D) The referral will then be filled into the Referral field.



5. Click on Link to attach the file to the patient's record, and move onto the next scan for actioning.



6. The linked scan will now be visible in the patient's Clinical Record, categorised according to the Document Type that was selected.



If the document were added as a referral, this is also visible within the patient's demographic window. 




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