Personalising your Welcome to Our Practice Message on the Patient Portal

Brief Overview

The Welcome to Our Practice Message on the Patient Portal is used as an introduction to your patients, and can be customised to contain any useful information about your practice. This can be utilised for things such as a list of tasks to complete before a patient's first appointment, directions for how to find the practice, or information about your practice fees.

If you choose not to enter your own message here, then a generic message will be shown to the patient about using the Patient Poral, until this is updated in your practice. 

This message can be changed any time. 


The Short Version

  • Open Settings > Notifications.
  • Click on Customise Your Message.
  • Enter your Welcome to Our Practice Message.
  • Click Publish to Portal.
  • Click Confirm to Publish.



  1. Open Settings > Notifications.

  2. Click on Customise Your Message. 

  3. Enter a Name for your Welcome to Our Practice Message.
    • This will be the name of the document that patients will see within the portal.

  4. Enter the Welcome to Our Practice Message that you would like patients to read.

  5. Click Publish to Portal.

  6. Click Confirm to Publish.
  7. Your information will then be updated on the Patient Portal.

Note: You can update this information at any time, so you may adjust the information patients can see within your Welcome to Our Practice Message.


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