Removing a Patient from the Patient Portal

Brief Overview

If you have previously provided Patient Portal access to a patient but need to block this access for any reason, this can be done by going to the patient's demographic window, and removing access. The next time the patient tries to log in to the Patient Portal they will see a message that their access has been blocked. You can provide access again at a later date by going back into the patient's demographic window, and sending the Patient Portal Access invitation.


The Short Version

  • Go to the Patient Demographic file for the patient whose access you would like to remove.
  • Click the Delete icon in the Edit Patient Portal Access area. 
  • Click Remove
  • Click Save.
  • The patient will see a blocked access message when they try to log in.



1. Go to the patient's demographic window by going to Patients on the left-hand tab, and searching for the patient's name.


Note: If the patient has an appointment on the Scheduler, as a Reception or Practice Admin user, you can open the demographic file by double-clicking on the appointment. 


2. Click the Delete icon in the Edit Patient Portal Access area. 


3. Click Remove.  



4. Click Save on the patient file.

5. The next time the patient tries to log in to the Patient Portal, they will see a message which informs them that their access has been blocked, and to contact the practice if they would like to gain access. 


Note: If a patient has been provided access to the Patient Portal by a number of practices, they will only be blocked from your practice; they can still log in to any other practices which they have access to. 

6. If you would like to provide access to the patient again in the future, return to the patient's demographic file, and toggle on the Send Patient Portal access via email option, and complete the patient's information. Further instructions on this can be found in this article


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