Verifying Patients for Online Claiming

Brief Overview

 Clinic to Cloud would like to introduce a streamlined approach to verify your patient information. A smarter automatic verification will start if Medicare, DVA or HealthFund information is available in the patient demographics.

The Short Version

  • Automatic verification will start if information required for claiming are added or edited 
  • Verification will not be completed if the patient is verified and no details are changed
  • A timer will verify for a maximum of 30 seconds, if Medicare is down it will provide an alert and you can try verifying later without interrupting the workflow. 


1. Go to Patient demographics 

2. Add or Edit any Medicare, DVA, Health Fund details required for claiming 

3. Save the patient 

4. If the patient is not already verified or important details have been changed, the automatic verification will start and a notification will appear. 
Tip the notification will disappear automatically after verification is complete or select ok to close it


5. The result of the verification will be provided with an alert. 

  • If successful, a green message will be available and the verified details upon hover next to patient name 



  • If failed, a pop-up will be available with any errors/updates of what information is incorrect. 


6. What happens if Medicare is down when trying to verify?

The verification process will last a maximum of 30 seconds. Afterwards the process will be stopped an an alert will show with verification unavailable. Once Medicare is up and running again the verification can be started again. 
Tip If you are experiencing problems with verification watch the notification bell in Clinic to Cloud for alerts on Medicare downtime 


7. Can I verify this patient manually? 

Yes, a manual verification can be found under the more option in the patient demographics.
Tip This is useful if no information is changed but a verification check would still be required. 


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