Manually Finalising a Claim

Brief Overview

While the majority of claims are paid electronically from Medicare, DVA and Health Funds, occasionally you will receive your payment outside of Clinic to Cloud and will need to receipt the payment manually against the claim.  


The Short Version

  • Turn on Allow Manual Payments as an Admin user, by going to Settings > Practice Details.
  • Use the action item Manual Payment in the Claiming > Medicare/ECLIPSE > Exception tab.
  • Fill in the required details and click Apply.



1. As an Admin user, go to Settings > Practice Details > tick  Allow Manual Payments  > select Save.


2. Go to Claiming, Is this a Medicare, DVA or ECLIPSE claim?

If Medicare or DVA, select Medicare.
If Health Fund/ECLIPSE, select ECLIPSE.


3. Go to the Exceptions tab.


4. To record the manual payment, select the action Manual Payment from the drop down menu.  


5. Enter the Date of payment, record the payment details, and click Apply.


6. The invoice will now be in the Finalised tab with the manual payment total visible in the Manual Payment column.

Tip If this invoice was partly paid, there will also be remittance information for the electronic portion paid by Medicare/ECLIPSE.


7. The Transaction History will display the manual payment details, as well as any other payments for this invoice.  

Tip To access the Transaction History, click on the Invoice No and scroll down to Transaction History.


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