Managing Finalised Claims

Brief Overview

Clinic to Cloud has introduced a streamlined approach to managing and claiming for Bulk Bill, DVA and ECLIPSE invoices. 

When a response has been received from Medicare or Health Funds to accept or pay the claim, the Finalised tab will provide all the relevant remittance information.

You can view Accepted and Finalised claims in the Finalised tab found in Claiming.


The Short Version

  • The Finalised tab is available to manage claims that have been accepted for payment or paid claims by Medicare/Health Funds.
  • The orange Counters icon will show you how many invoices and/or claims require action.  
  • Accepted status will show for ECLIPSE claims only. These claims have been approved but not paid. 
  • Finalised status will show for Medicare/ECLIPSE claims that have been paid.  Remittance information will also displayed.
  • Finalised (Manually) will show when a claim has had a manual payment applied to it or the Accept and Balance action has been used.  
  • If a claim has been paid both electronically and manually, the Date will indicate when the final payment was applied. 
  • The Payment ID will display under the Paid Amount.
  • The Totals bar will show you the totals for all claims in the Claimed, Paid and Manual Amount columns.
  • The Excel icon allows you to export the results to Excel.  This will include the Totals amount.



1.  Access the Finalised tab for Medicare or ECLIPSE

Go to Claiming.
If Medicare or DVA, select Medicare.


Go to the Finalised tab.



2. Managing the Finalised tab

There are three status types that can display in the Finalised tab; Accepted, Finalised and Finalised (Manually).


Accepted status - ECLIPSE Only

The Accepted status indicates the ECLIPSE claim has been accepted for payment, but payment has not yet been received.  

Accepted claims have an action item to Finalise manually.  This can be used when the health fund has indicated that they will send your remittance manually rather than electronically.  

Note:  Do not use this action unless you have confirmed with the paying health fund first.  


Finalised status - Medicare & ECLIPSE

The Finalised status indicates the claim has been both accepted and paid, and all related information will display.  

The Payment ID will display when the claim is paid electronically in the Paid Amount column.

The Date next to the status shows when the claim was finalised.  If there were multiple payment dates, the date will indicate the most recent payment.  

The Bank Details and Transaction ID will also become available when electronic payment is received.


Finalised (Manually) status - Medicare & ECLIPSE

The Finalised (Manually) status indicates that the claim was resolved through the Manual Payment action or Accept and Balance action from the In Progress tab.  

These claims will not show remittance details unless part of the claim payment notification was received electronically.  



4. Managing the Totals row

The Totals bar at the bottom will show the total for the Claimed Amount, Paid Amount and Manual Amount columns. 

The totals displayed are reflective of the Filters chosen, which may be for claims spread over multiple pages.  

The Totals bar will not display if there are no results with amounts in the Claimed, Paid and Manual Amount columns.

If you Export the results to Excel, the Totals bar information will also be exported.


5. Exporting your results

Select the Excel icon to export your claims to Excel.

Use the Filters at the top of the screen to refine what you would like to export.

The Totals bar will also export to Excel with your results.



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