Writing Off a Claimed Invoice

Brief Overview

Why would you need to manually write of an outstanding amount and finalise a claim? 

If a claim was paid below the amount claimed by Medicare/ECLIPSE and no further payments will be made.

The Short Version

  • Accept and Balance, write off the outstanding balance and finalise the invoice


1. Go to Claiming, Is this a Medicare, DVA or Health Fund/ECLIPSE claim?

If Medicare or DVA, select to Medicare

If Health Fund/ECLIPSE, select ECLIPSE


2. Go to the Exceptions tab 


3. To Accept and Balance or write off, select the drop down on the invoice and choose manual payment 


4. Tick Yes and add in the reason in the Notes 
Tip Process will not become available until *mandatory fields are complete


5. The invoice will move to the Finalised tab and the Transaction History on the invoice will display the related details 



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