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This article contains the instructions for how to invite a new staff member to join your practice, and makes up one step of the Adding a New User to your Practice workflow. We would recommend reviewing this article to ensure that all of the user's needs may be considered when they are created. 

If a new staff member joins your practice, it is best that you create a new user for this person rather than sharing an account. This will ensure that all actions taken by this user are recorded with the correct name, allowing you to keep track of changes made within the practice.

A new user may only be added to a Clinic to Cloud practice by a Practice Admin user. 

When you add a new user to your Clinic to Cloud practice, please email to notify us, and to let us know whether the staff member is replacing another, or if they are an additional team member. Please also include whether the user will be part-time or full-time. This will ensure we are able to correctly update your billing information. 


Short Version

  • Open Settings > Users while logged in as a Practice Admin user. 
  • Click Add New User
  • Enter the user's email and name.
  • Select the user's User Role.
  • Select the user's Main Location.
  • Click Create.
  • The user then clicks on Forgot Password on the Clinic to Cloud login page.
  • The user then follows the prompts received via email to reset their password and login.



Before you add a user, you will need to determine which User Type they should be. You can review this article for further information. Once you have determined the appropriate User Type, please email our Support desk on


1. Open Settings > Users



2. Click the Add New User button. 



3. Enter the user's email address and personal information. 



4. Select the user's User Type from the drop-down menu. This guide outlines the differences in User Types. You may apply more than one User Type if required. 

A) If you have selected the Doctor User Role, you may choose to add Favourite PrescriptionsFavourite Imaging Requests, and Favourite Pathology Requests. For more information on Practice Favourites, please read this article

B) If you have selected the Registrar User Role, you will need to select the Registrar Doctors they are working alongside from the drop-down menu.



5. Select the Main Location that the user will be working from. 



6. If you are creating a Reception or Prac Admin user, click on Create. If you are creating a Doctor or Registrar account, click on Create & Configure

A) If you have created a Doctor or Registrar account, you should now follow this guide to ensure that they are configured correctly. 


If the new staff member will be replacing a staff member who is leaving, then you may wish to read this article, which details how to deactivate a user and appropriately deal with any outstanding tasks. 


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