User Types

There are multiple user types within Clinic to Cloud with varying levels of access.

Doctor: The doctor has access to the functionality a doctor requires to complete their day-to-day tasks within Clinic to Cloud, in addition to access of the majority of the administrative function.

Doctor specific access includes:

  • Writing clinical notes
  • Generating prescriptions
  • Generating pathology and imaging requests
  • Creating operation reports
  • Creating and signing letters
  • Editing provider settings and details

Note: They do not have access to editing the back-end setup of their practice, only their personal provider settings.

Practice Admin: The practice administrator has full access to all non-doctor specific functionality. This includes but not limited to:

  • Reporting (including daily banking)
  • Creating patients/contacts
  • Billing and Claiming
  • Clinical file view
  • Editing letters
  • Back-end setup access to make changes as required. (E.g. adding locations, users, editing schedules, templates etc)

Reception: Reception has similar access to Practice Admin with a few restrictions:

  • No access to financial reporting (only daily banking)
  • No access to back-end settings


Registrar: Registrar access allows this user to be linked to the primary doctor's profile. Enabling them to go into a scheduled appointment to make clinical notes. Registrars also have access to assign & link lab results on their primary doctor's behalf.


Room: Rooms are created to allow a patient to be booked into a room within the practice, rather than in with a particular user. This can be useful for things such as booking a procedure room that may not be scheduled with a specific person. Customers should not log in as a Room user, but can instead create items for the Room while logged in as another user. The following tasks can be completed for a Room:

  • Appointment Schedule
  • Appointment creation/deletion/modification
  • Automatic appointment reminders (SMS/Email)
  • Letters
  • eTasks
  • Invoices


1. If you log in as a Room user, you may be charged.

2. When creating a consult note, letter, eTask or invoice, Clinic to Cloud will ask which user the item is in relation to (ie which doctor should be printed on the invoice). 


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