Checklist: Adding a New User to your Practice

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This article outlines how to approach adding a new user to your Clinic to Cloud account. You may need to add a new user to replace a departing staff-member, or they may be an additional team member in your practice. There are several aspects to consider when creating a new user, so please review the information below to ensure they may have the best start when using Clinic to Cloud



1. Consider which role the user will fill within the practice. This determines which areas of the program the user will have access to. A user may have more than one User Type. You can review the appropriate User Types within this article.




2. Consider the training requirements of the new staff member. Training can be organised for new staff members with our Customer Success team within your state for a fee, or a user may use the resources available within the Help Centre for support free of charge. We would strongly recommend formal training from a Clinic to Cloud representative to ensure your new staff member has the skills required to best support your practice. 

The Training Program attached to this article can be used to note down the training requirements for the new staff member. If this is provided to the Customer Success Advisor who will be training your new starter before their training date, then they may better customise the training according to your practice requirements. 



3. Please contact with the following information:

A) The staff member's name. 

B) Their attendance (Full Time or Part-Time).

C) Their User Type.

D) Their start date with the practice.

E) Their training requirements and a completed copy of the Training Program attachment (if required). 




4. Add the new staff member to your Clinic to Cloud practice using the instructions found in this article.



5. If you have added a Doctor or Registrar user, then additional information will be required to complete their user profile.

A) If the user will be claiming electronically with Medicare, DVA, or the health funds, then they will need to submit some forms to register their new location with Medicare. If your practice began using Clinic to Cloud prior to 25th September 2020, then please follow the instructions within this guide. If your practice began using Clinic to Cloud after the 25th September 2020, then please follow the instructions within this guide



B) Clinic to Cloud offers a fully integrated Voice Recognition and Dictation system, to minimise time spent typing consultation notes and letters, using commands to navigate and format your text as the user likes. When using Voice Recognition, the user simply needs to dictate into their phone using the Clinic to Cloud Doctor App, or into their Desktop in the Clinic to Cloud application to have their words converted to text. Our Voice Recognition system learns from the language, accent, and nuances of the user's speech over time, to improve its translation of voice to text.

If you are interested in Voice Recognition or Dictation, please let us know when you send in the new user checklist, so we may ensure this is configured for your start date. 

See the gif below for an example of dictating a consultation note, and the screenshot below for a dictated letter. 




C) Please follow the instructions in this article to ensure that your new user has been configured with all required information, such as their provider numbers, specialty, fees etc. 


D) Please follow the steps within this guide to create the provider's Schedule. 



6. When the user begins with the practice, they may use the instructions within this guide to log into the practice for the first time.



7. If a staff member is leaving the practice, please ensure that the process within this guide is followed to ensure that any outstanding tasks are actioned appropriately before deactivating their user. 



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