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The Appointment Scheduler is configured on a per-doctor basis, so that staff may see where a provider will be, and where any available appointments may lie in their schedule. 

This article outlines how to create a new schedule, and how to change an existing Doctor's Schedule. This relies upon your Appointment Types and Scheduler Categories being configured. 

The Doctor's Schedule can only be applied by a Practice Admin user. 


Short Version

  • Open Settings > Doctor Schedule.
  • Select the Doctor and Locations.
  • Click Add beside the desired day, and in the chosen location. 
  • Select the Scheduler Category.
  • Choose a Start and End time for the category slot.
  • Select Repeat and choose how often your schedule will reoccur. 



The Doctor Schedule functionality relies upon you having added all required Appointment Types to Clinic to Cloud, and linking them to their appropriate Scheduler Categories. Once this has been completed, follow the steps below to configure the Doctor Schedule

1. Open Settings > Doctor Schedule



2. Select the provider from the Doctor drop-menu. Check the current date selected in the Calendar at the top left to be sure you are customising the right week. We would recommend starting with the current week first. 




3. Select the Locations you would like to configure for the schedule from Locations menu. 


4. The days of the week will be shown as rows down the side, and the locations will be shown as columns across the page.Day_of_week_and_location.png


5. Click the Add button beside the desired day, and in the appropriate Location column. 



6. Select the appropriate Scheduler Category from the drop-down menu.



7. Click into the Time fields beside your category to adjust the length (ie 8AM-12PM). 



8. Repeat steps 5-7 for the remaining categories in the day. Below is an example of a full day. 



9. If you have more than one day with the same or similar schedule, then you may click the Copy button to copy this schedule to another day. This is helpful if you have consulting days on a regular basis for example, but should only be used if the scheduling and location are exactly the same. 


A) Tick the days that you would like to copy this schedule to and click Copy


B) Your schedule will then be copied to the desired day. 


10. Complete steps 5-7 for the remaining days in the week, then click Repeat to choose how often this schedule occurs.



11. Configure your repeating schedule.Recurring_Scheduler.png

A) Choose the date from which you'd like this schedule to begin (this can be back-dated)

B) Choose how often you'd like the schedule to be used (ie weekly, monthly, yearly)

C) Choose how often you'd like your new schedule to repeat (ie every week [1 week], 2 months)

D) Tick the days that you would like to repeat (ie weekly on a Tuesday)

E) Choose an end date for your schedule. If the schedule will be repeating for the foreseeable future, change the On date to a date far in the future. 


12. Click on Apply.



13. Click on Save as Favourite. This will prevent you from having to set this up each time you'd like to use this repeating schedule. 


A) Provide a descriptive name for your favourite.


B) Click on Save


C) If this favourite will be used again for another week (ie week 3 of a 4 week schedule), click Load from Favourite.



D) Follow the repeat instructions above to configure this to repeat on your chosen frequency.


14. Use the date fields across the top, and select Apply to add the schedule to the current week (if required).



15. Repeat steps 3-13 for any remaining days or weeks for the doctor's schedule.  




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