Submitting Your Medicare Forms - Minor ID per Practice

Note:  This article is intended for Clinic to Cloud customers whose Start Date was on or after 25th September 2020.  If you started prior to this date, please read this article.  


Clinic to Cloud allows your practice to complete Online Claiming for Medicare and ECLIPSE.  Having the ability to claim online means less administration, faster claiming for patients, a reduction in the risk of human error and simpler financial reporting for your practice.

Important Note:

You are only able to submit claims from one Practice Management Software at any given time, so it is important that your completed Medicare forms are only sent to Medicare after consulting with your Customer Success Advisor to align this with your Start Date with Clinic to Cloud.

How to Complete your Medicare Forms

Medicare Banking Details Form:

To enable Online Claiming, Medicare needs to uniquely identify:

  1. The practice management software (Minor ID/SAP Number
  2. Where to pay claims to (Bank Details)
  3. The provider and their location/s (Provider Number/s)

The Medicare Banking Details Form is used to advise Medicare of this information, including when this information changes.  During your transition to Clinic to Cloud, use this form to let Medicare know of your new Minor ID/SAP Number, which your Customer Success Advisor will provide you.

Note: If you have more than one bank account for your different provider numbers, you may need to fill in more than one form.  Your Customer Success Advisor can support you with this.  

You can access the Medicare form below.


 IMPORTANT: Discuss with your Customer Success Advisor the best time to submit these forms to Medicare.  If these details are changed too early by Medicare it will impact your ability to process your claims.  

Medicare Online Claiming Form:

To be eligible for Online Claiming, each provider needs to be registered with Medicare specifically for this.  If a provider has already been registered for Online Claiming they do not need to fill this form in again.  

To register a provider for the first time for Online Claiming:

  1. Download the Medicare Online Claiming form, for each provider.  
  2. Fill in the details electronically.  Do not print and fill in by hand.  
    • Use the main practice location if you have multiple locations. 
    • Use the Minor ID/SAP Number from your Customer Success Advisor.
    • You will not require a PKI (question 3), leave this blank.  


☁️ IMPORTANT: Discuss with your Customer Success Advisor the best time to submit these forms to Medicare.  


How to Submit your Medicare Forms

Once you have completed your Medicare forms, please speak to your Customer Success Advisor to confirm when to send your forms directly to Medicare. It is important the forms are submitted in line with your Clinic to Cloud Start Date, as your team will only be able to submit via Clinic to Cloud once approved by Medicare.

Each form contains instructions on where to return the completed forms for processing.

Once you have sent your completed forms, these should to be processed and approved within 5-7 business days.



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need a PKI Certificate (Public Key Infrastructure)?
    No, you do not need a PKI Certificate. This is required for practices using a server-based platform. 

  • Do I have to send both forms to Medicare?
    Not necessarily. The Banking Details form will need to be filled and submitted per practice and bank account, whereas the Online Claiming form will only need to be completed and submitted if a provider has never registered before.  

  • Can I submit these forms without a Provider Number?
    No, you will need to have a provider number per provider and per location. Click here to learn how to apply for a Provider Number if needed. 

  • When should I be sending off these forms to Medicare? 
    The Online Claiming forms are usually submitted 5-7 business days prior to your Start Date with Clinic to Cloud, however, please consult your Customer Success Advisor prior to doing so.

  • How will I know once the forms have been approved?
    If you do not hear from Medicare, please call Medicare using the correct contact numbers on the forms to check the status of your application prior to your Start Date.

  • Once Medicare has approved, can I continue to claim from my previous software?
    No, once Medicare has approved you to claim through Clinic to Cloud, this will be your only avenue for claiming for these provider numbers. For that reason, your Customer Success Advisor will carefully time when you should submit your Medicare forms to be ready to go for your Start Date.

  • If I have claims pending in a different software, can I still submit these forms to Medicare and then resubmit them through Clinic to Cloud? 
    If you already have claims pending in your current Practice Management Software, please allow these to be finalised in your old software and enter new claims in Clinic to Cloud once approved.  Your Customer Success Advisor will assist you with planning your financial transition.  
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