Creating Procedure/Fee Estimate Checklists

You can create Procedure/Fee Estimate Checklists which can be applied to Fee Estimates so that as admin you can manage tasks and workflows around patient procedures. 


Go to Settings > Checklist Templates


Select the 'Procedure/Fee Estimate Checklist Template' tab and select 'Add New Checklist Template'


A pop up will open where you can set up the checklists. 

1. You can link the procedure to the checklists so that it will be available when creating a Fee Estimate for that procedure. Add these procedures in the 'Procedures' field. 

2. You can add alerts to your checklists, this alert is sensitive to all tasks being complete in the checklist. Set this by choosing when you would like to be alerted in the 'Notify Me' field. If you have not completed all tasks in this time you will get an alert in the 'Booked Procedures' tab, where you can then action these checklists. 

3. You can name the checklist 

4. You can define the checklist per location and doctor. This means the checklist will only be available to add to a Fee Estimate for the specified doctor and location. 

5. To add each checklist item select 'Add New Template Item'. You can free type the item and select the type of item. Select 'Create' after each template item to add it.

6. Select 'Create' to add the checklist. 


Each checklist can be edited, repeated and deleted. 


When you now create a Fee Estimate with these fields you will have the option to add this checklist. 




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