Managing Booked Procedures

Booked Procedures is used to manage all procedures that are booked to complete tasks before and after surgery.

To view the booked procedures, click on "Booked Procedures" from the vertical menu bar.


then select the following in the below window;

1. Select the period you want to view the booked procedure for.

2. Select the doctor you wish to view the the booked procedure for, (Note this is a mandatory field, you can only select one doctor).

3. Select a location or locations, if no location is selected booked procedures for all locations will be displayed.

The results will be displayed in the format below;
Filter your booked procedures via period, Doctor and location.


4. You will notice a 'Checklist Alerts' section, telling you that you have tasks to be completed from your checklist on this Fee Estimate. This will show the number of items still to be completed and if a tick appears you have completed all tasks.

5. Once you have filtered your procedure, there are a number of action than can be completed.

- View: This will allow you to view the Fee Estimate 

- Appointment History: This will allow you to view the patients appointment history

- Deposit History: This will allow you to view the patients deposit history

- Delete: To remove this patient from the booked procedures list.



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