Booking Procedure Appointments


1. Double click the appointment time and date on the scheduler that you are wanting to take


2. When you double click the time a pop up box will appear. (See screenshot below) Complete all mandatory fields (mandatory will show with a red *) Complete other sections if applicable
As you have clicked on the specific time and date those fields will fill in automatically. Along with the Doctor and Location. 

3. Search the patient database by typing the patients name into the 'Patient' sectionmceclip1.png

4. Under the 'Procedure' section you will notice it states 'This patient has a pending fee estimate'


5. Click this box and select the relevant fee estimate for this appointment


4. Once you are happy with the details completed click 'Save'

5. You will notice a small link icon in the top left of this appointment which indicates that this procedure has now been linked to this appointment. 


6. This fee estimate will now move to the 'Booked Procedure' section under 'Procedure Management' This will also allow to you to add this patient onto the 'Operation Report' for this day.


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