Pending Fee Estimates Report

Brief Overview

The Pending Fee Estimates report is used to manage your outstanding un-booked Fee Estimates for your patients. 


Short Version

  • Created Fee Estimates will display in the report until linked to an appointment.
  • Open Procedure Management > Pending Fee Estimates
  • Apply any necessary filters for the Provider, Location, or Procedure.
  • Click Show
  • You can click Download Excel to download a spreadsheet copy of the results. 



1. Create a Fee Estimate for a patient. Instructions on creating a Fee Estimate can be found in this article


2. Open Procedure Management > Pending Fee Estimates



Note: If you can't see this option, then you may need to enable Procedure Management through Settings > Practice Details. This can only be completed by a Practice Admin user. 


3. Apply any required filters for Doctor, Locations, & Procedure. At a minimum, you will need to select a Doctor



4. Any Fee Estimates that have not yet been linked to an appointment will be displayed. You can then complete several actions from this window. 

mceclip2.png Send an SMS to the patient.
mceclip3.png View the Fee Estimate.
mceclip4.png Open the patient's Appointment History
mceclip5.png Delete the Fee Estimate.


5. The total value of the pending Fee Estimates is displayed at the bottom of the Fee column.



6. You may click the Download Excel button to export the results to a spreadsheet, that you can open in Microsoft Excel




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