Booking Procedure Appointments

Brief Overview

Procedure Appointments must be booked for upcoming procedures, so that you may generate Operating Lists, and prepare for upcoming services.


Short Version

  • Open a new appointment for a patient.
  • Link a pre-existing Fee Estimate
  • Click Save.
  • Generate the Operating List as required.



Please note that before you begin, the patient must have a Fee Estimate already created. You can find instructions on this within this article. When a Fee Estimate has been created, please follow the instructions below. 


1. Double click an open appointment slot on the Scheduler to open the Booking window.  



2. Search for and select the patient from the Patient field, or click the Add (plus) icon to add a new patient. 



3. The Doctor and Location will prefill from the Schedule, but you may replace these as needed. 



4. Select the Fee Estimate from the Procedure field.


Note: If the patient has a Fee Estimate ready for linking, a message will be shown beneath the Procedure field that says, "The patient has a pending fee estimate". If you do not see this message, confirm that the patient has a Fee Estimate created. 


5. Select an Appointment Type from the list provided.


Note: If the Appointment Type you need is missing from the list, please review this article to create a new type. 


6. Make any required adjustments to the Start and End times as required. 



7. Once you are happy with the details completed click Save.


5. Once saved, the appointment will display a small link icon, to indicate that a procedure has been linked. You will also notice the Procedure details within the Notes field in the Day view of the Scheduler. 



6. This fee estimate will now move to the Booked Procedures section under Procedure Management on the sidebar.  This will also allow you to add this patient into the Operation List for the day.



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