Creating Fee Estimates

Brief Overview

A fee estimate is used to create a quote for a patient procedure. The fee estimate links to the surgical appointment (or day surgery) and allows you to manage the procedures under procedure management, to create an operating list to send to the hospital and create a post procedure operation report.


The Short Version

  • Use the Fee Estimate icon to create
  • Select the type of Fee Estimate
  • Add details to Fee Estimate, Procedure and Checklist tabs
  • Save as Favourite for next time
  • Publish to the Patient Portal
  • Save & Close or Save & Print 



The fee estimate icon is located in on the top right corner of Clinic to Cloud. 



With An Appointment

1. Highlight the appointment until a blue highlight appears around the appointment


2. Once your appointment is highlighted click the Fee Estimate icon.


Without An Appointment

Click the Fee Estimate icon and enter in the name of the patient and select the patient name.


3. Choose the Doctor and Location from the drop-down lists. Then type in the name of the procedure and the billing option dependent on the patient and then click Create. (If your procedure name is not in the list you can add it in to the list How To Add/Edit Procedure Types)

4. You will notice three tabs along the top of your fee estimate to work through. Complete the first tab Fee Estimate and confirm all fields are correct. 


5. Add the item numbers for the procedure under Item Details


6. Add any notes for the hospital into the Notes for Operating section. This will only be seen on the Operating List for the hospital. For example, equipment required for this procedure.


7. Add any notes, pre-operation, post-operation instructions, disclaimers under the Customise Text for Fee Estimate Printout. Click the plus sign to choose from your fee estimate templates or the pencil to customise and edit the text. To add fee estimate templates go to How To Add A Fee Estimate Template.


8. Click the Procedure Details tab to add further information about the procedure. If you do not have this information yet it can be added at a later date. This information will pull into the Operating List and Operation Report.


Note: Multiple stakeholders can be added using the Others Involved field.

9. The Checklist tab allows you to add your customised checklist to manage this procedure. Team members can ensure that they have completed all tasks before the patient goes in for the procedure. 

To add a customised checklist go to How To Create Procedure/Fee Estimate Checklist Templates.


10. Once you have completed all fields you can then Save as Favourite, this will allow you to save all fields and the next time you complete the same procedure you can load these details by selecting Load from Favourite

11. The Publish to Patient Portal tick box will send this to the Patient Portal for the patient to review. This reduces the need for printing and allows the patient to access this information when required. For more information on the patient portal go to Patient Portal

12. Click Save & Close to save into the patient file and leave this page or Save & Print to print this fee estimate with all entered information for the patient. 

Note: If you exit the screen before saving, you will receive a browser pop-up warning you to save before exiting.

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