What is Stripe?

Clinic to Cloud offers their customers an enhanced experience for their patients called the Patient Portal.  One feature of the Patient Portal is allowing patients to pay outstanding accounts online without the need for face to face or phone contact.  Stripe is an online payment service provider that Clinic to Cloud have partnered with to provide this secure payment feature.  


Who are Stripe?

Stripe is a global company that provides a world class solution to businesses for managing payments and other financial transactions online using secure technology.  They have millions of customers in 120 countries.  


What is Stripe used for? 

The Patient Portal has an optional feature where a practice can accept online payments for outstanding accounts.  We have partnered with Stripe to ensure that these payments are processed safely and securely.  


Why did we choose Stripe?

The benefits of partnering with Stripe are: 

  • Payments can be processed any day, any time.  
  • Accredited with the most stringent secure certification possible in the payments industry.  
  • Prevention of fraudulent transactions through advanced fraud scoring, detection and authentication methods.  
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